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Windshield and Dash Car Dock Mount for HTC Rezound

Windshield and Dash Car Dock Mount for HTC Rezound

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Our part #: 2055

Mnfg Part #: HTC6425MNT

Condition: New


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Verizon Wireless
1 Year

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05/09/2012, 13:17

"Works very well and fits on my Prius windshield right where I want it to. Great! Charges just fine for me, even when using GPS. I love it."

03/22/2012, 13:18

"Even using a high output (2 amp) car charger, this dock drained, rather than charged the phone. Also tried charging from the wall, my laptop, my PC, and a vehicle 12v to usb converter. Regardless of the charge source, the dock drained my battery.

If you're not concerned with charging, this really is a great dock. If you are, I would recommend staying away."

03/16/2012, 21:31Thomas Holman
03/05/2012, 19:45Qin Ling
02/06/2012, 19:52jeff chudek
01/13/2012, 10:37

"The suction cup is excellent, but it is a struggle to get the phone to mount on the dock. The dock is not very sturdily mounted to the suction cup part, so it vibrates and wiggles when driving. Pretty poor execution of a dock."

01/12/2012, 05:00

"I have this and it charges fine. It works great wether you have a case on it or not. The kit comes with several inserts to fit the phone with or without the case on the phone. And then has a latch that closes to hold the phone secure. I have the case with extended battery. The only issue I have is that you have to place it just right to get it to set on the plug correctly as in you have to push just a bit on the lower right hand side to get the usb to line up correctly. So don't force it. It will settle in nicely if you get it lined up correctly. Other than that I love it. Use it daily and it does everything I thought it would."

01/05/2012, 15:31


12/26/2011, 09:09

"great mount, except it doesn't "charge" your phone! there isn't enough power from the charger to maintain your battery while using GPS. that is the whole point of buying this! i have had my phone die multiple times while plugged in and "charging" on this mount. HTC brand too! disappointed "

12/12/2011, 11:05Allen Finchum

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